How to Teach Your Dog to Play Well With Others

To take your dog to play with others is a good initiative. The exercising brings about positive effects such as mental stimulation and burning off excess energy. However, if your dog is antisocial and freaks out at the sight of other dogs, then you might want to reconsider your options. That is why training your dog on how to get along with others is not only important but also a way to prevent any accidents that might occur from dog aggression. Here is how to teach your dog to play well with others.

Start young

If yours is a puppy, then count it as a blessing. Puppies are easier to train than a mature dog because their aggressiveness is more out of curiosity than fear. You can start by teaching your puppy the STOP, COME and SIT command from home. When you take it to meet other puppies, use the same commands in case of any aggressive behavior. With time it will learn to tolerate other dogs. In the meantime, use best dog playpens as a training space for the puppy. It will be a lot easier for him to adapt to a controlled environment.

Step by step

Introducing an anti-social dog to a dog park full of dogs can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to your dog. It is best to start by introducing it to one dog and then later two or three. You can ask a neighbor or a relative who has a dog to come over to your place and let the dogs play together. Watch them closely and discourage any hostile behavior.

Offer a treat

When introducing your dog to one or two others, carry a box of treats. Dogs respond well to rewards, unlike punishments. Make sure to give it a small treat every time it behaves well. You can also praise it by word of mouth. With time, it will associate good behavior with a reward and choose to behave well. The reward, however, should be immediate so that it picks up the cue, dogs learn best this way.

Teach him to play gently

A dog will often bring out the techniques that have been instilled in him when playing with you. This means that if you have been teaching him to play rough then it will replicate the same behavior when playing with others. Hence train your dog to play well using dolls instead of letting it have direct physical contact. Controlling his behavior when you two are playing will make him a better playmate.

Withdraw from tense situations

Dogs manifest aggressive behaviors such as barking and growling simply out of fear when they meet other dogs. Your best reaction in this situation is to stay calm and withdraw your dog to a safer and quiet place. Then try and soothe it gently until it regains composure before taking it back to the other dogs.

Seek professional training

best dog playpensSometimes a dog needs to be trained by a professional dog trainer when your efforts don’t seem to be bearing fruit. You can enroll in a class together with other dog owners or find a trainer specifically for your dog. Opt for a trainer who has sound training methods like using rewards instead of punishment.

The most important thing about dog training is their ability to learn. Basically, you can teach your dog to do anything with a little persistence and dedication. Keep in mind though that adult dogs are harder to train and therefore start the training process as early as possible.

Choosing beds for great danes: dos and don’ts

Every dog owner knows that choosing a bed for their dog is not only a difficult process but extremely time consuming as well because you can’t decide the right type of bed for your pet as there are plenty of options available in the shops. The situation gets more confusing when you are looking to buy a bed for Great Dane, Newfoundland, Rottweiler, German shepherd, or massive English Mastiff.

Choosing a bed for Great Danes or other large dog breeds is extremely difficult as you can’t find the right size of bed for them that may fulfill all the requirements. We know that you love your pet a lot and you want to provide him all types of comfort so that he may feel comfortable and relaxed while sleeping in the bed.

In this article, we’re going to share some important tips that you must keep in your mind while choosing beds for Great Danes. These tips will not only help you in the case of Great Danes but you can also take advantage of these tips if you have bought any other large breed of pet. Here are the tips that will you in choosing the best bed for Great Dane.


great dane standing in the grassThe size of the bed is the most important thing that you must look for while buying a bed for the Great Dane. The size helps you make sure that the pet will easily be able to adjust himself during the night. Sometimes, people consider choosing the exact size according to their dog’s figure. This may appear to be congested for your dog as he won’t feel relaxed in such a bed. You must consider choosing a bed that is larger than the dog’s actual figure. If you can’t find the right size, you may even request the manufacturer to design the right size for your dog.


The height of the bed usually doesn’t matter in case of the Great Dane as they can easily get on and off the bed due their own height. However, you must still keep in mind that the bed should not be too high that the dog may face difficulty in getting on and off the bed. The dogs get irritated due to this problem and they stop sleeping in the bed due to this problem.


The comfort is another important feature that you must look for while choosing a bed for the Great Dane. The comfort level for the Great Dane is a bit higher as compared to the small breed because they can’t feel comfortable in the material that is usually designed for the small size dogs. You may find the right type of material according to your dog’s health so that he may feel comfortable and relaxed while he is in the bed.  At the end of the day, as a dog owner, you want your beloved Great Dane to be as comfortable as possible…..which is probably why they make statues after them!  So, take into account these considerations when choosing a bed, and you’ll be good to go.

Another Anniversary

Today is another special day; we celebrated Mass for Dad. Four years ago this day, my father died. I was with him at the end and various details of his last illness replay in my mind. It all happened in just one week.

Dad became ill on the first weekend in May. That Sunday, I rushed him to our local hospital because he thought he was dying, but he couldn’t quite explain what was wrong. He was in a lot of abdominal and chest pain, but all his vitals were stable. I was puzzled, but relieved when the ER doc told us all his tests were within normal limits.

However, as the week progressed, Dad continued to deteriorate. After a couple of visits to our family doctor and a CT scan, the problem was diagnosed: another abdominal aortic aneurysm, this one slowly leak. Dad had one AAA repaired back in 1995; this one was larger and extended into his thoracic aorta. He was taken into emergency surgery that Friday and never woke up. I was the one who took him to the surgeon and then to the hospital. Dave was visiting his girlfriend out of town and Mom was physically unable to go. It was just me and Dad for that final journey.

Surgery went well and for the first 24 hours post-op, Dad did great. He was on a ventilator and so was kept sedated. Mom could not stay at the hospital, so I ran her back and forth to home…forty minutes away. My brothers were on their way home, but Dave was driving, so could not get here before Saturday and Joe could not get a flight from Seattle until Monday.

Then things started to go wrong. First there was some evidence of blood loss in the abdomen. Then his kidneys started to fail. By 72 hours post-op, Dad’s belly was bloated and tests showed that his entire large and small intestines were dying. No more.

I discussed the situation with Dad’s doctors and the family; we decided to stop his meds and within the hour, Dad died.

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Airplane Fun-NOT!

We FINALLY made it to Oregon…over 3 hours late ;>(

My alarm rang at 3:45 this morning. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 7:15, so I needed plenty of time to get ready because we had to pick up Shirley and make that hour drive to the airport. Brother Dave came along to drive the van home. We got to Shirley’s house and loaded her stuff and were on our way to the airport.

Shirley drove, since I can’t see in the dark and Dave drives slooooowwwwww. It was not only dark, but raining and it seemed to take forever to get to the airport, but we made it by 6 and got through security alright. We boarded and left right on time, getting to Minneapolis to make our connection to OR.

We had a very short layover, then we boarded the plane for Oregon. We started to taxi, then we stopped and waited. After about 15 minutes, the pilot came on the intercom and told us that a light had come on to show that there was a malfunction in the cabin AC/air pressure device.

Well, long story short, we waited nearly 2 hours on the tarmac, before they decided that we needed to change planes. Which took another hour, before we were finally on our way. We never had time to pick up any food, so we paid twelve dollars for some veggies and crackers. Hungry and exhausted, we finally got into OR about 5:30 our time.

What a day!

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